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When I read David R. Hawkins’ book Power vs. Force years ago and listened to his audios on consciousness, I did not fully understand all the ramifications of what he was describing because I was early on in my self-development journey.  Dr. Hawkins tells us that to reach higher states of consciousness you must remove the layers of blockages.  You must also forgive and see the world from the other person’s angle so that you can move on in your personal evolution.

Stillness is key to being in your True Self.  Accepting the world that it is “perfect as it is” leads you to understand that in the current context there is an overarching reason for things and the mind cannot know what the Truth or Purpose is.  The world is constantly evolving.  Man is not causing global events such as global warming but rather the electromagnetic field of the earth is changing.

Today, I just heard on NPR that less seismic activity is going on deep in the planet since the advent of Covid-19 with fewer cars on the road and a major decrease in air traffic.  Does that mean that the earth is calming down because we are slowing down our physical demands on our environment?

I believe that the future will reveal the true reasons for the transformations that occur.  Right now, we have to accept the enigma of the current disruption and believe that the world is rebirthing something new and better.

Dr. Hawkins recommends that by raising your own consciousness (self-awareness) and everyone as a collective raising their own consciousnesses, the conscious vibration of the world will increase.  Ninety-nine percent of the world thinks in concrete linear facts in the Newtonian cause/effect manner of thinking.  Meanwhile, the remaining 1% of the world thinks in a synchronous multi-dimensional fashion where “all is now and present” around us—as described by quantum physics.

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