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Elevate Your Business With CVS &

CenterpointVortex Strategies has forged a partnership with , aiming to elevate the quality of services provided to our clients. This robust software platform, tailored for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), equips us as your coaching advocate with real-time insights into your organization’s dynamics. This enables us to promptly address any emerging issues and assist you in more effectively managing your enterprise. Through this collaborative approach, we ensure alignment in discussions about your operations, teams, goals, and various other facets. The scorecard, intricately linked with your organizational chart, vision, significant goals (Rocks), one-on-one employee assessments, and other vital parameters, serves as a comprehensive tool. Its primary function is to empower your organization in collecting, organizing, and tracking meaningful data, enabling both your company’s management and our CVS coaches to evaluate growth progress, staff alignment, and key core competencies. The system encompasses nine fundamental competencies crucial to all businesses: enterprise values, vision, customer relations, goals, people, organizational structure, data management, meetings, and processes.