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Are you a Tech CEO facing high turnover, toxic culture and disengagement among employees?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to learn how to design and implement your desired company culture in a guided step by step process so that you can retain a dream team of top talent that is highly motivated and productive, increasing profitability.

This is an exclusive invitation for the beta launch of Becoming the Company Where Top Talent Thrives This offer has not been released publicly and will never be available again at this price.


  • Imagine the feeling of unburdening that huge weight off your shoulders when you can feel the new energy and enthusiasm of a team that is self-managing and empowered.
  • Feel your pleasure and sense of ease with the openness of communication and sense of responsibility your team has when they are aligned with the company’s Core Values.
  • You will have the clarity on what can be accomplished with a talented team that is in sync with all the short and long term goals for your company.
  • You will have a better handle on what needs to happen on a daily basis to propel the company towards your bigger Vision.

Module 1

Going From Chaos to Finely Tuned Organization

Module 2

Begin with The End in Mind (Stephen Covey)

Module 3

Meditate and Brainstorm on Your Vision and Mission Based on These Core Values

Module 4

Moving Towards The Vision–Your Mission

Module 5

Launch Your Core Values, Vision and Mission

Module 6

Bring It All Together


  • Six in-depth 90 minute one on one coaching calls every other week to guide you and advise you as you progress
  • Access to Eileen’s 30 years of business experience in management and leadership every step of the way
  • Worksheets, checklists, examples, graphics among other tools will accelerate your experience and make it feel more like fun than work
  • Unlimited emails and text: Know that you have support when and if you get stuck


Regular Price: $5997  —-> Exclusive Beta Price for First 5 Clients $2997


12 week program begins when you are ready since it is a one-one coaching package

This program helps stressed-out Tech CEOs facing high employee turnover, toxic culture, and disengagement to build a solid platform that retains and attracts a dream team of top talent that is highly motivated and productive, increasing profitability.

I invite you to schedule a brief call with me to chat about your particular situation, your top priorities and remedies. This is a no-cost and no obligation call. ph.(442) 224-0160


Eileen started her own company, The Balanced Millionaire, in 2018. She works with the CEOs and business owners of rapidly growing small and mid-sized technology-based firms, mentoring them to develop strategic business and life plans that result in higher performance and greater fulfillment.

Eileen holds a Master’s degree in Marketing from the MIT Sloan School. She was a marketing executive with Bristol-Meyer’s Squibb and Berlex Biosciences, as well as a Wealth Advisor with Morgan Stanley.

Before starting The Balanced Millionaire, Eileen was the CEO of her own firm, The Mendel Group. She worked on critical projects with Senior Executives at Fortune 500 firms and helped close business development deals and IPOs for Start-Ups backed by major Venture Capital firms such as Kleiner Perkins and Blue Cross Blue Shield Ventures.

Eileen Mendel has published five seminal books for the Biopharmaceutical Industry and has been featured on NPR, The San Jose Business Journal, and the San Francisco Business Journal.