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The Strategic Brain Behind Your Flourishing Business

Growing up in a rural community near New York City, Eileen was an accomplished scientist in her early career. However, she faced unique challenges as a woman in a male-dominated environment and encountered limited role models to support her leadership and interpersonal skill development. Determined to elevate her career, Eileen made the decision to pursue an MBA at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After gaining valuable experience in various positions across the technology, finance, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries, Eileen recognized the need for leadership empowerment and growth opportunities, particularly for women and minorities. She knew that proactively working on her own personal growth and skill development could help her express her full potential and benefit those she serves.

Throughout her journey as a thought leader and strategist, she has achieved significant milestones, including authoring acclaimed books on modern business strategies and sharing insights on prestigious platforms like NPR. Her recognition in “Who’s Who for Business Consultants in America 2022-2023” is a testament to her dedication to delivering exceptional results to clients. Her passion extends to inspiring and educating diverse audiences through workshops and speaking engagements.







The Ideation of CenterPoint Vortex Strategies

Eileen Mendel is a highly sought-after hybrid transformational business coach and executive management consultant. With her deep belief in the power of a holistic approach, Eileen emphasizes the importance of work/life balance and disciplined structure in driving success for small to mid-sized firms. She is passionate about enlightening individuals on how inner game awareness and personal development contribute to achievement as much as business acumen. These factors greatly influence one’s journey toward realizing remarkable accomplishments, and that’s what gave birth to the idea of bringing the dream of CenterPoint Vortex Strategies to life.

As the CEO, Eileen has navigated a dynamic career spanning from promising startups to global multinationals, constantly thriving amidst change. Her leadership philosophy centers on an unwavering commitment to innovation, empowering organizations to flourish in times of transformation.

So here, we welcome you to CenterPoint Vortex Strategies, where 30 years of diverse business experience converge to unlock untapped opportunities and foster innovative growth. At CenterPoint Vortex Strategies, we excel in providing valuable guidance to business owners and C-level executives with revenues exceeding $1 million. Whether you are an entrepreneur in a tech-related company or in a non-tech field, we have the experience and expertise to maximize growth and be a game-changer for your business.

Charting a Path to Success: Our Vision for Your Business's Victory

At CenterPoint Vortex Strategies, our vision is to create a transformative consulting firm that cultivates resilience, embraces change, and pioneers innovative solutions. Through collaboration, Eileen has assembled a team of visionary experts who share her passion for elevating businesses to unprecedented success. Together, they go above and beyond, outlining a bold course and guiding their clients to harness the power of change, achieving enduring prosperity in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.

Eileen's World of Kindness!

Eileen believes in the power of giving. Beyond her professional expertise, she is deeply committed to making a positive difference in the lives of others. With a dedicated heart, she actively engages in charity work, supporting causes close to her. Her passion for helping people and spreading kindness is what sets her apart. Through her selfless acts, she aims to inspire others to embrace compassion and generosity. Eileen strives to empower individuals to reach their full potential through transformational life coaching.


They have helped me in setting up a concrete plan to get my business to the next level. Eileen is a cheering, inspiring, and benevolent advisor. Knowing that she has gone through the same challenges gives me confidence that I am on the right track.

Stephanie VFarbridge Pharma

I am blessed to meet Eileen. She has done numerous things for my business from giving me professional advice to introducing me to new connections and going as far as finding me new team members. I cannot say enough about her and her business for the help they have given my company.

Helen DHilin Life

Eileen Mendel opens up a higher level of inner strength and oneness with the Business Executives and Entrepreneurial Dynamos that she works with. Her processes are geared to match purpose, desire, abundance and gratitude with a work/life balance that allows you to build and enjoy the legacy of your dreams.

Steve M. ThompsonBusiness Growth Expert & Founder of Guru International

Eileen Mendel of The Balanced Millionaire is a delight to work with. She has been instrumental in helping us establish strategic alliance partners for YEP Nation. She has aided us in developing strategies for the launch of our new products into various market segments. Her insight and suggestions are and continue to be an extremely useful asset to our team as we enter the next chapter of growth in our business.

Edward Prentice IIICEO and Founder of YEP Nation